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Welcome to the Internet! This interactive introduction will help make your first Internet experience enjoyable and easy. Start by taking a look at the Table of Contents just below this paragraph. Move the cursor to the first topic in the table and click on it.

Table of Contents

  1. My First HyperLink
  2. Navigating this Introduction
  3. More About Links

Navigating the World Wide Web

Hyperlinks can be used to move up or down a page, as in this introduction. The Table of Contents is really a set of links to different sections of this page. Since everything in this introduction is kept on the same page for simplicity, the page is somewhat long. Links provide a quick way to move around the page. Of course, you can simply scroll through this page by using the slide bar at right or by using your keyboard up and down arrows or "PAGE UP" and "PAGE DOWN" keys. See which is easier, scrolling or linking.

Hyperlinks are also used to go to other web pages or to other web sites. In the future, as you start exploring the Web, you may link from page to page and quickly end up feeling "lost". The simple way to recover from this is to use the "BACK" button at the top left corner of your "browser" (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are often called browser programs because they let you "browse" the Web). Click the BACK button until you move back to a page that you recognize.

If you're in the Professional WebPage Designs website and you get lost, simply click on the PWD logo to go back to the PWD Home Page. If you're outside the PWD website and get lost, there are two ways to get back to PWD. The first way is to type www.pwdnet.com in the address/location box of your browser and hit "ENTER". The faster way is to make the PWD website your start page. If you received Internet Explorer from PWD, this is already done. Simply choose "Go" at the top of your browser and then choose "Start Page".

If you're using Netscape Navigator or a version of Internet Explorer that you didn't get from Professional WebPage Designs, you can make the PWD website your start page. Its very easy to do this, and provides a worthwhile point of reference. To do so, follow this link to the FAQ page. When you're done, use the BACK button to come back to this page.

More About Links

Many people use the term "World Wide Web" to mean "Internet" and vice-versa. Actually, the Web is just a part of the Internet. The ability to hyperlink is a characteristic of the Web

My First HyperLink

Congratulations, you've taken the first step in using the Internet. By clicking on Item #1 you "hyperlinked" (web language for "moved") to this paragraph. But where is this paragraph? Actually, it's on the same page where you started, just at the bottom. To see for yourself, use the scroll bar at the right to scroll back up to the top of the page. When you get there, go to the Table of Contents and click on Topic #2. By the way, if don't like to use the scroll bar, you can use the "Page Up" key instead.