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Web Design & Hosting

Web Design -- from single pages to complex sites!

Our primary goal is to design an application specifically suited to your requirements. Are you considering your site as a Marketing tool, able to reach an audience of millions day or night? Perhaps you wish to enhance your level of Customer Service by allowing your clients to reach you at their convenience. Even for Public Relations, a Web site can show that your business is modern and committed to success. For these and many other applications, Professional WebPage Designs uniquely provides experience and finesse to tailor your site to your business needs.

Of course we also provide the technical expertise to meet any requirements, including advanced graphics, animation, multimedia, Java, CGI-scripts, databases, and more. But we also pay careful attention to the oft-overlooked details which give a Web site a Professionally designed look and feel. This attention to detail may make your site and business stand out among the vast sea of poor designs and "me too" attitudes.

Web Hosting -- connect to the World Wide Web!

PWD will host your professionally designed site on a 24 hour a day basis. We maintain multiple servers to assure peace of mind. You may select an economical virtual address for your site, such as http://www.pwdnet.com/your-company/. Alternatively, you may opt for a more direct domain address such as http://www.your-company.com/ . See pricing for more details.

Pricing -- overview

The following prices are intended as a guide to assist in estimating the cost of your application. If you are interested in the bottom line, then plan on spending about $200-300 for a basic page, $400-600 for a basic site, $800-1200 for a small business site, and $1500+ for a custom business site with your own domain. But please remember - the best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact us for a prompt and custom designed estimate - don't be shy - its easier than you may think. And don't be fooled by a competitor's low-ball price, it is likely they'll more than make up the difference with poor service or with various 'other' charges that weren't mentioned.


Web Page/Site Design

HTML programming: $95.00/hr
JAVA programming: $125.00/hr
CGI script programming: $125.00/hr
Graphic design: $95.00/hr
Animation and Multimedia design: $125.00/hr
(Ask about larger project discounts)


Web Page/Site Hosting

Non-domain hosting: $25.00/mo to $85.00/mo typical usage*
Domain hosting: $100.00/mo to $150/mo typical usage*
Creating domain names: $50.00 setup + $150.00 annual service & registration
E-mail accounts: $100 per mailbox per year
Submit site to search engines: $5.00 per search engine
Site promotions: $95.00/hr
(*Rates may be discounted with a 12 month contract. A $200.00 one-time setup fee may apply)


Training and Consultation

HTML, JAVA, Graphic Design, Animation, & more: $95.00/hr


Desktop Publishing

General layout/design: $65.00/hr
Technical layout/design: $95.00/hr
Camera-ready typeset copy: Quoted individually
Printing: Quoted individually
(Contact Us for project bids on brochures, newsletters, advertising, PR, and more!)



General Business Writing/Editing: $45.00/hr
Technical Business Writing/Editing: $65.00/hr
Press kits and releases: $65.00/hr
Special Projects: Quoted individually
(Ask about larger project discounts)


Document Imaging

Text documents: $10.00 per page
Photos: $20.00 per scan
Digital photo retouching: $35-$75 typical
(Discounted rates available on larger projects)


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